SMC Skåne - Receives 10% discount!

SMC Skåne - Receives 10% discount!

Volunteer MC-training is an activity carried out in many countries among motorcyclists. SMC has offered riding courses since 1973. The business has grown and evolved since then. Today SMC is one of the largest organizers of training in the world, delivering over 15 000 course sessions in 2011.

Many motorcycle accidents are due to lack of competence, especially in braking and cornering technique. No matter what motorcycle you are driving and which kind of motorcycle driver you are, training increase knowledge & skills and thereby increasing security, provided that it is linked to the exercises and reflections on heightened risk awareness.

In 2012, SMC conducted study among participants in the training. The results were consistently positive. Just over 72% responded that they were better prepared to handle difficult situations after participating in training. As many as 90% felt that their skills improved. 71% felt they had more resources to focus more on traffic situations after participating in training.

SMC organizes riding courses throughout the motorcycle season. The courses takes place on big tracks, go-kart tracks and large practice areas. SMC School AK Skåne arrange training courses at Ljungbyhed ("avrostning" in April), Lockarp Ring ("Knix") and at Ring Knutstorp with Bättre KörKunskap (BKK), Tjejdag & SportHojsKurs (SHK).

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