TechSpec Grips

I lager.

199 kr

This a fantastic product that is designed to enhance your riding!

TechSpec's core value is that of  quality! TechSpec-usa designs, engineers and manufactures all of our  components with quality being first. It's personal with us. We stand  behind our products and deliver that quality to the end user, the rider!  The Grip Pad

Body and weight  control is an essential technique with not only aggressive, performance  riding, but also sport and casual touring. By griping the tank with your  legs, one will improve the overall control of your body motion, weight  position and posture. With an increase in control, you will experience a  smoother, less fatigued, and more enjoyable ride. "INCREASE YOUR FUN  FACTOR"

The Product:
TechSpec's theory of  achieving a solid grip is based on MATERIAL PROPERTIES and SURFACE AREA  CONTACT. TechSpec’s "Gripster", grip pad materials includes (2) unique  materials: Snake Skin & High Fusion . Each of TechSpec's materials  were created for a RIDING ENHANCEMENT experience. No snagging, no hang  ups, just squeeze down and enjoy the ride.

High Fusion – is a thin (.035") synthetic rubber  blend with a simple ruff texture. With High Fusions rubber blend, you  will feel a positive grip into your tank, less pressure on your wrists,  elbows and shoulders, plus a more solid seat position. High Fusion is an  excellent Grip Pad product for all riders and is also excellent for  paint and surface area protection. High Fusion uses TechSpec's personal  "Releasable/Reusable adhesive". True quality and a one of a kind  product!

Snake Skin – is a basic, .125" thin "GRIP PAD"  with a low profile diamond grip pattern. With Snake Skins .125"  thickness and the rubber padding properties, one will not only feel and  excellent GRIP into the tank, less pressure on your wrists, elbows and  shoulders, but could also notice a reduction in shock and vibration from  the bike and road. TechSpec's Snake Skin, grip pads are an excellent  product for all riders and uses TechSpec's personal "Releasable/Reusable  adhesive". True quality and a one of a kind product!